Electrofishing Boat

Electrofishing Boat


Electrofishing Boat

Eboat:   We are very pleased with the results of the testing of our EBoats which have exceeded our expectations! Please see a full explanation in the Press Release section of the website of how our technology works and the reasons why we went this route.

We have also adapted our popular HT2000 Backpack System to easily work in small vessels and tote barges to enable more versatility of operation.  No other system allows this kind of flexibility.  With today’s budget restraints, Halltech has paved the way for making your research and management dollars go further.

We are open and willing to configure our systems for almost any application.

Our TEB or Towable Electrofishing Boat is suitable for bodies of water that may be inaccessible to conventional boats and trailers.  Because the wheels are integrated in the hull of the boat, it can easily be launched in only 8” of water.  The wheels are then retracted into the hull for excellent maneuverability.  The flat bottom design and perfect balance over the axel also allows launching over pond embankments for private fish farm surveys.

All Electrofishing Components can be removed in minutes, easily converting this vessel into a Multi-Purpose Work Barge or Net Boat.

Electrofishing Boat 1

Electrofishing Boat 2

Electrofishing Boat 3