Electro Fishing  Nets

Our nets are custom made with the finest materials available. In most situations, knotless nylon mesh is used to reduce abrasion on the fish. Let us know what your requirements are and we will build a net tailor made to your specific water or fish conditions. All nets may be treated with an UVB coating to prolong their life.

Seines are available in mesh sizes from 1/8″ to 1/2″, in 4′, 6′, 8′ and 10′ heights(some mesh will require horizontal seams to achieve 10′ height). Sienes are attached to 3/16″ braided poly rope and may be ordered with weights and floats as well. Trap (Fyke) nets are very effective at trapping fish alive and unharmed. As shown the basic design consists of 2 steel frames, 4 to 5 steel hoops, and 1 or 2 throats. Frame size can vary from 27″x39″ to 4’x6′. Mesh sizes range from 1/8″ to 1″.

Hoop nets normally come with 7 steel hoops, with throats in the 2nd and 4th hoop. Mouth diameters can range from 2′ to 5′, with mesh sizes up to 3″.


  • Ideal for sweeping over vegetation or use in shallow ponds or streams.
  • The ring is made of rust-resistant powder painted steel, and is securely and easily attached to the hardwood handle using a threaded socket connection
  • Available in a variety of mesh sizes in either rot resistant NITEX mesh or polyester netting.
    HTDBKN1000 D-Frame Benthic Kick Net – 1000 micron
    HTDBKN500 D-Frame Benthic Kick Net – 500 micron
    HTDBKN400 D-Frame Benthic Kick Net – 400 micron
    HTDBKN250 D-Frame Benthic Kick Net – 250 micron

Anodes and Rings





Maintenance Charger

Electrofisher Batteries must be used and kept at or near full charge to ensure longevity.  Our Maintenance Charger allows you to store and trickle charger up to 4 batteries for those long winter months when your equipment may not be in use.  Nothing shortens the life of a battery better than allowing it to discharge completely.  An investment in a maintenance charger will pay off in the long term.



Various Gloves available upon request.
Minimum Order Required. Please Call for details